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Over the years, Stefan dropped madly in love with Katherine, whom later on shown in order to him you to she is an effective vampire

Over the years, Stefan dropped madly in love with Katherine, whom later on shown in order to him you to she is an effective vampire

Stefan was raised by the a nurse on Italian judge, along with a variety of personal tutors, if you’re Giuseppe still abused Stefan, Stefan concerned about his training and you can to provide themselves since the a good nobleman, learning how he is always to work up to certain anybody

Species: vampire Enjoy: Super strength, very speed, very agility, awesome resilience, immortality, super data recovery, psychological handle, improved attitude, mind compulsion, telepathy, fantasy control, shapeshifting.

Stefan Salvatore came into this world Stefano Salvatore within the Florence Italy on the July fifth, 1490 so you’re able to Conte Giuseppe Salvatore and his spouse Contessa Salvatore. Stefan is the more youthful brother wapa visitors out-of Damiano Salvatore which never ever enjoyed Stefan. Their mother passed away when Stefan try 3 years dated, together with youngest of the Salvatore family was raised rarely recalling his mother, only remembering the fresh new voice regarding their sound plus the smell like her aroma. Stefan’s birth weak their mom and she ultimately passed away due to losing sick when you find yourself poor. Giued Stefan to own their wife’s dying and started hitting your and if the guy made mistakes, and if he ashamed him prior to the most other nobles inside the Italy.

A year after his mother’s death, Giuseppe had another marriage install on the girl out of an enthusiastic Italian amount, Valentina. Giuseppe took over the count’s region into the Italy. Valentina offered beginning to a boy when Stefan was seven, number of years after she and you may Giued your Antonio. Stefan was kind toward their younger sibling, whereas Damon handled him particularly he’d Stefan.

Name: Stefano Salvatore Moniker(s): Stefan (everyone) Delivery Go out: July fifth, 1490 Sex: cismale (he/him) Orientation: pansexual Industry: nobleman/aristocrat (former), nomadic traveller, twelfth grade scholar

he was the best guy and a bit an intimate if it found wooing the students ladies for the possibility of a great of use ily this lady came from.

During the summer of 1507, whenever Stefan was seventeen, Baron von Swartzschild, a great German nobleman and a friend away from Giue so you’re able to Italy away from Germany along with his young, stunning dily to simply help Katherine together with her recuperation of a terrible problems, which had really weakened he already delicate condition. Across the weeks, Stefan and you can Katherine spent enough time together and their father’s got began discussing the fresh prospects out-of you are able to wedding between the a couple. yet not, Stefan’s cousin, Damon returned regarding the unnamed school he was browsing, and then he trapped Katherine’s eyes inside the attempts to get payback up against stefan by creating it a competitor to have damon due to their mirror, satisfaction and you will pride. stefan turned envious and you can let down of the damon’s efforts from turning katherine to your a competition and then he and you will damon fundamentally informed her so you can choose from each of them to have whom she wished to end up being the girl partner. both of brand new brothers offered their time for you to pick, and the nights before she established the woman bers and you can exchanged blood that have your, given that she had chose him, far to help you stefan’s higher delight. however when katherine established the lady towards the have been both shocked one she had picked both, when she offered them both lapis lazuli gold bands, groups which may help cover her or him throughout the sun shortly after it complete the transitions on the vampires of the underworld.

none stefan nor damon you will definitely deal with it, arguing one to she have to choose from the two of them and you can which they would never end up being good having discussing the lady, far so you’re able to katherine’s dismay. of the blood replace which has occurred ranging from him and katherine, stefan reach become alter and adjustments happening within his system and realized that he longed even more to own blood than for normal human eating. in the end, the guy went along to katherine’s spaces with damon along with her maid, gudren, that has told him or her one to katherine is by yourself about backyard. the salvatore brothers wanted katherine about lawn however, would not look for this lady indeed there.

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